David Vidal, 1981 born in Porto, Portugal.

With own studio, he have the knowledge and techniques learned throughout his formation in Design and Photography, but above all, has the sensitivity earn on his way of life, always linked in the arts and creativity, who understands one of essential points for differentiation and connection to the professional art of Photography today.

The ideals that shape your photography work, are primarily linked by the geometries and symmetries of forms, all this combined with a study of insertion of light and shadow, whether natural or artificial way, in order to make people realize easily the motives photographed through a simple and lightweight composition.

Your photo has satisfied the most demanding customers, currently working for greatest portuguese brands. With experience in a personalized and adjusted service, does professional photography of product in studio, with specialization in materials such as coatings and flooring, and products like wine and footwear, usually followed by a final process, which includes post-production and color adjustments materialized in digital color proofs.

It also specializes in architectural photography, and art and design projects and collaborates occasionally with national and international magazines. Lives directly with marketers, architects, art dealers, artists and designers, photographing and creating affinities with most of those, either newer or already recognized in the market.

With an open view and without preconceptions or made ideas, argues that this art should focus on neutrality, bringing the truth and the reality of motives photographed by him.